Cookies & Cream now available in 2lbs, 4lbs & samples!


Available Now – Trutein Cookies & Cream!

The long awaited cookies & cream is finally available! A milky, ice-cream like vanilla base with real cookie bits give the perfect cookies & cream shake!

When we formulated this we bought every single cookies & cream protein on the market and tried them all. We didn’t settle with a formula until all of us in R&D agreed that we had made was heads and shoulders above the rest! We know you’ll agree too.

Available in 2lbs, 4lbs & sample sizes! – Click Here to Order

Strawberries & Cream!

Trust us – you’ve never had a strawberry protein that tasted so authentic and so much like the real-thing. You’ll swear that you just blended real, ripe strawberries into your shake – it’s that good! We even use real strawberry powder and real strawberry bits in the formula to make it surpass every strawberry shake you’ve ever had before!

Available in 2lbs, 4lbs & sample sizes! – Click Here to Order


Peanut Butter Marshmallow Cookie: The Revival!

We’ve heard your shouts & pleas: “Bring back the Peanuts & Marshmallows! Our lives are INCOMPLETE without them!”

We couldn’t just stand by on the sidelines without taking action because at BODY we want to COMPLETE your lives! So we listened & we heard…

And now Peanut Butter Marshmallow Cookie is BACK! Haven’t yet had a sip of this deliciousness? – do yourself a favor and pick up a sample here.

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Trutein Cookies & Cream Protein Muffins
Trutein Cookies & Cream Protein Muffins
These protein muffins retain their moistness, making them the perfect high-protein treat. Dry Ingredients 1/2 cup coconut flour 2 scoops Trutein Cookies & Cream 1 tsp baking powder Wet Ingredients 4 oz Greek yogurt 2...
Trutein Shamrock Pancakes
Trutein Shamrock Pancakes
Betcha never knew minty green pancakes were this delicious & this packed full of protein! INGREDIENTS 2 scoops Trutein Shamrock Shake 1 1/4 cup flour 1 Tbsp baking powder 1 Tbsp sugar 1/4 teaspoon...
Trutein EggNog Dessert Bites
Trutein EggNog Dessert Bites
Settle into the Holidays with these delicious protein dessert bites! INGREDIENTS 2 cup oat flour (grind whole or quick oats finely into flour in food processor) 1/4 cup water 2 scoops of Trutein Eggnog Protein...

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