Trutein Eggnog & Pumpkin Pie Blowout Sale!

Trutein Eggnog BLOWOUT SALE!

This week only Eggnog & Pumpkin Pie are on SALE! $28.95 & 48.95 for 2 & 4lb, respectively.

Cozy up after your workout for the healthiest eggnog you’ve ever had!

Check out Trutein Eggnog available for this holiday season only.

FREE SAMPLE with all orders!

Available in 2lbs, 4lbs & sample sizes! – Click Here to Order


Available Now – Trutein Cookies & Cream!

The long awaited cookies & cream is finally available! A milky, ice-cream like vanilla base with real cookie bits give the perfect cookies & cream shake!

When we formulated this we bought every single cookies & cream protein on the market and tried them all. We didn’t settle with a formula until all of us in R&D agreed that we had made was heads and shoulders above the rest! We know you’ll agree too.

Available in 2lbs, 4lbs & sample sizes! – Click Here to Order

Strawberries & Cream!

Trust us – you’ve never had a strawberry protein that tasted so authentic and so much like the real-thing. You’ll swear that you just blended real, ripe strawberries into your shake – it’s that good! We even use real strawberry powder and real strawberry bits in the formula to make it surpass every strawberry shake you’ve ever had before!

Available in 2lbs, 4lbs & sample sizes! – Click Here to Order



Trutein Cookies & Cream Protein Muffins
Trutein Cookies & Cream Protein Muffins
These protein muffins retain their moistness, making them the perfect high-protein treat. Dry Ingredients 1/2 cup coconut flour 2 scoops Trutein Cookies & Cream 1 tsp baking powder Wet Ingredients 4 oz Greek yogurt 2...
Trutein Shamrock Pancakes
Trutein Shamrock Pancakes
Betcha never knew minty green pancakes were this delicious & this packed full of protein! INGREDIENTS 2 scoops Trutein Shamrock Shake 1 1/4 cup flour 1 Tbsp baking powder 1 Tbsp sugar 1/4 teaspoon...
Trutein EggNog Dessert Bites
Trutein EggNog Dessert Bites
Settle into the Holidays with these delicious protein dessert bites! INGREDIENTS 2 cup oat flour (grind whole or quick oats finely into flour in food processor) 1/4 cup water 2 scoops of Trutein Eggnog Protein...

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